Youth organizations, clubs, camps

— What can you say about youth clubs in Britain? At what age can people join them?
— Well, they are open to all people aged 12-21.
— I wonder what can people do there?
— You can go to meet your friends, make new friends, and learn or try new activities, some of which may be completely new to you.
— And if I have problems. Can these clubs help me?
— Of course! Young people can drop in to a youth club / centre any time and will be welcomed by the youth workers working there. Youth workers will encourage you to join in the club’s program. You could learn a new skill like music or computing, or possibly plan a trip away. You will also be able to relax and listen to music or play pool, table tennis and much, much more — there may also be activities specifically for girls and young women.

Variant 1

Level 1
1. Tick the words you hear. Task (0) is an example.

0. youth clubs
1. modern clubs
2. to make possible
3. to help friends
(0) – X

Level 2
2. Match choices (A-D) to (1-6). Task (0) is an example.

Annie advised me to join a club or (0) take а сіабб and I finally did it! I decided to become a member of the Outdoor Adventure Club and I went to my first meeting last night. I’m really excited about it. The club is planning a (1)_____________________. I want to go rafting in the spring. (2)_________________________I didn’t want to join the club, but the people were so friendly! They asked me not to miss the trip so I put my name on the list. After the meeting my new friends (S’) with them. We went to a coffee shop and talked for hours.
0. A) take a class C) take a task
B) learn a lesson D) study in class
1. A) hiking trip last weekend C) hiking tour next weekend
B) hiking trip next weekend D) hiking weekend
2. A) The first C) For the first
B) First D) At first
3. A) asked me to go out C) asked them to go out
B) asked me to go D) asked me to go on
(0) – A

Level 3
Complete the sentences using the correct word. Task (0) is an example.

0. I asked about young people who learn much from mass media.
A) who B) if
C) whether D) whom
1. Mother wanted to know ___________ we listened to the same music.
A) which B) if C) whose D) whom
2. Steve asked _____________ he could watch television shows like South Park and Beavis and Butt-head online.
A) that B) who C) whose D) whether
3. My friend ________________ likes hip hop and contemporary RnB is also fond of cvberpunk.
A) which B) who C) whose D) whom
(0) – A

Level 4
4. Join the sentences using who, when, where, which or whose. Task (0) is an example.

0. I know a lot of people. They believe in a different tomorrow.
I know a lot of people who believe in a diferent tomorrow. ______________________
1. This is the club. I go dancing there.
2. This is my new CD. I bought it a few days ago.
3. The Backstreet Boys is a pop group. They united last year.

Variant 2

Level 1
(тестові завдання контролю знань)
1. Tick the words you hear. Task (0) is an example.
0. computing
1. to study
2. relaxing
3. to make friends
(0) – X

Level 2
2. Match choices (A-D) to (1-8). Task (0) is an example.

Camping provides an opportunity to experience nature firsthand. Campers participate in fishing, hunting, swimming, plant study, bird and wildlife watching, and nature photography. Just as importantly, camping helps people escape the stress of city life. Americans love to go (0) camping, In summer, American families and friends often spend their (1)__________ at one of the beautiful campgrounds developed by the National Park Service. Many organizations and groups can help beginning campers get started and provide useful information to experienced campers. Organized camping for young people is an American tradition. Organizations, (2) __________________ the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the Camp Fire Girls, offer opportunities for boys and girls to learn to survive outdoors. (3) _____________ “back to nature” is a popular reason for many activities in the USA today.
0. A) camping B) camp C) campus D) camps
1. A) end of the day B) lunch C) vacancy D) vacation
2. A) more than B) such as C) as well as D) than
3. A) Getting B) Get in C) Going in D) Watching
(0) – A

Level 3
3. Complete the sentences using the correct word, Task (0) is an example.

0. Nick asked whether people get new ideas very quickly.
A) whether B) which C) whose D) whom
1. Our teacher wondered_________ mass media were especially important to young people and socializing them.
A) which B) who C) if D) whom
2. Mum asked___________ watching television, listening to the radio, or surfing the Internet were important for me.
A) whether B) who C) whose D) whom
3. Did you know that the hit Gangsta’s Paradise,______________ was written by Coolio, was one of the first rap songs to come into the mainstream.
A) which B) who C) whose D) whom
(0) – A

Level 4
4. Join the sentences using who, when, where, which or whose, Task (0) is an example.

0. That is the man. His wife is a famous actress.
This is the man whosе wife is a famous actress._________________________________
1. 1990 is the year, Mainstream appeared and rap and hip hop were commercially successful.
2. Great Britain is a country. New rock and metal bands are becoming increasingly popular.
3. Ted is a member of the Young Greens. He joined this organization 2 years ago.

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