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Oprah Winfrey is an amazing person! By the time she was twelve, she had already decided on a career. Not long afterwards, she got her first radio job. Although she hadn’t had any experience, she became a news reporter. When she got her own TV chat show, she had already acted in a major Hollywood film. By the late 1980s, “Oprah Winfrey” had become a household world. Then in 1994 she decided to improve the quality of chat show themes. She also made a personal change. She had
always had a weight problem, but in 1995 TV viewers saw a new Winfrey. She had lost almost 40 kilos as a result of dieting and working out. She had also competed in a marathon. She has really been an inspiration to other people.

Television Program

Television programs are watched by millions of people worldwide. Particular television programs can influence even policy of a nation. Television is absolutely everywhere in our society today that it is hard to imagine a time when it did not exist.
Television has been bought since the late 1930s and has become more and more common ever since. The 1970s saw another evolution in TV as recording systems were designed so that people could watch recordings as well as broadcasts. There are many different types of programs with new genres.
Common TV programs include news broadcasts and TV series in drama and comedy, documentaries about various subjects. There are many other genres of programs as well including game shows, music programs and reality television.
Television has an extremely large influence on cultures all over the world. The TV networks and the programs that are shown will continue to have great effect on global culture both in the near future and for long time to come.
As online computer systems become more popular, television and computers are increasingly integrated. Such technologies combine the capabilities of personal computers, television, DVD players, and in some cases telephones, and greatly expand the kinds of services that can be provided. For example, computer-like hard drives in set-top recorders automatically store a TV program as it is being received so that the consumer can pause live TV, replay a scene, or skip ahead. For programs that consumers want to record for future viewing, a hard drive makes it possible to store a number of shows.

Youth organizations, clubs, camps

— What can you say about youth clubs in Britain? At what age can people join them?
— Well, they are open to all people aged 12-21.
— I wonder what can people do there?
— You can go to meet your friends, make new friends, and learn or try new activities, some of which
may be completely new to you.
— And if I have problems. Can these clubs help me?
— Of course! Young people can drop in to a youth club / centre any time and will be welcomed by
the youth workers working there. Youth workers will encourage you to join in the club’s program. You
could learn a new skill like music or computing, or possibly plan a trip away. You will also be able to
relax and listen to music or play pool, table tennis and much, much more — there may also be activities
specifically for girls and young women.


Today we find most robots working in factories around the world. But what will the robots of the future be doing? In the future, robots will be performing more and more tasks for humans. This will have both positive and negative effects. On the one hand, they can do boring and dangerous things.
People can do something interesting and easy. So, robots will be making life a lot easier for us. On the other hand, the use of robots will create a lot of unemployment. There is a risk that robots will be taking on jobs that humans need in order to earn a living. And some robots could even become dangerous.
Robots will be operating nuclear power stations and be fighting in wars.

A job interview

A week ago Ann had job interview, it had lot of stressful and negative questions. First, the interviewer asked why she could not work in difficult situations. Before she could answer, he asked who had written her application for her. Ann was shocked. She understood that the company conducts stress interview to see how candidate for job can cope with pressure. It will be necessary in any difficult situation that may happen, for example, in nuclear power plant. But in many countries eople can’t ask you such questions if they are not connected with your future work. And, of course,
you can refuse to answer. And even if your interviewer asks how old you are, you can refuse to answer too. In this age of increasingly short-term job cycles, networking is an essential skill for managing your career. Many people think that networking is simply a euphemism for asking for a job — nothing could be further from the truth. If you are truly networking, you are building resources, acquiring information, and offering assistance to others all at the same time. Unfortunately, networking is not an instinctive skill.

Youth Organizations in Great Britain and in the world

Youth and youth organizations have become important factors in the life of the country. A lot of youth organizations have been formed since the Second World War, uniting young people from all classes and sections of the population. There are about 60 youth organizations in Great Britain.
All youth organizations can be divided into three large groups: non-political organizations; youth organizations associated with political parties; youth organizations controlled by religious bodies.
The two largest non-political youth organizations are the associations of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides. There are about 1300 000 boys and girls in them. The membership is voluntary. The Boy Scouts had left-handed handshake, special badge and the motto “Be Prepared”. The Girl Guides Association was founded in 1910. It’s divided into three sections: Brownies (from 7,5 to 11), Guides (from 11 to 16), Rangers (from 16 to 21). There are some other non-political organizations: the Combined Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps, the Woodcraft Folk, the Youth Hostels Association, Greenpeace. Youth Organization Greenpeace deals with most urgent ecological problems. It protests against nuclear
weapon tests, sea and soil pollution, etc. Sport clubs are characteristic youth organizations in the UK. There are also interest clubs. The UN operates a host of other economic and social programs. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) addresses the needs of children worldwide. The International Labor Organization (ILO) advocates for workers’ rights. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) helps countries improve education and literacy, promotes ethics in science, and works to preserve cultural diversity. The United Nations Population Fund promotes family planning, safe pregnancies and childbirths, and reproductive health in developing countries, and it helps countries formulate population policies. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime helps countries fight illicit drugs, crime, and terrorism. The UN has an organization, commission, or specialized agency to
address nearly every social issue on the global agenda.

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